Why we are different

Experts in qualitative market research among Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and specialists.

Working with KOLs and leading specialists is different to working with other healthcare professionals in all aspects of market research.

Established experts in identifying and working with KOLs and key specialists

Our long-standing success in conducting market research among KOLs and specialists is built on our ability to identify and engage with the most influential respondents worldwide. KOL Connect™ provides an unrivalled system to identify individuals who influence both the current and future management of a wide range of disease areas.

Working with leading medical minds requires a different approach to market research; from designing discussion guides and screeners to recruitment and moderation. We understand this difference.

Focused on delivering highly strategic qualitative medical market research

We are a full service market research agency. All of our KOL research is conducted in-house by senior researchers who deliver a study from conception to completion to ensure a consistent and authoritative point of contact.

Strategic insight is enhanced through a direct connection to the research respondents. Where respondent consent is given and strict adherence to industry guidelines allows, clients can view/listen to interviews in real-time and raise additional questions via the moderator.

A dedicated team of in-house physicians and award-winning researchers

Our highly experienced team of senior researchers is drawn from marketing and market research departments in the pharmaceutical industry, global medical market research agencies and the medical profession.

Our CEO, Fiona Farr, is a Research Psychologist, with over 15 years’ experience in international medical market research. We are also very proud of our in-house medical expertise which includes a leading Oncology KOL.

International expertise with comprehensive local linguistic capabilities

Based in the UK, we work internationally across North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia (including China, Japan and South Korea).

Intrinsic to our international success is our ability to conduct highly technical research in local language to a consistently high standard and across multiple time zones.

They’re our go-to vendor for any KOL work.

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